Thistleberry Farms



Thistleberry Farms was developed in the late 1980s by Corrozi Homes.

Thistleberry Farms was given its name by the builder, Jack Corrozi, who found the land covered with thistle bushes when he bought the land for development.

We would like to research the history of this land and the farm that was here previously. It has been said that the farm was the farm for Fraim's Dairies of Wilmington, Delaware. (Another picture here.) More research is needed for this.


Note the historic map that can be found on the Location/Maps page.

Pictures Wanted

We would like to add pictures of the development being built. If anybody has photos of our roads and houses being built please contact Scott McCarter. I can scan any photos you have and return the originals to you.

I've added some aerial photos from the past to the Location/Maps page.